Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Technical Specifications (MM550)

Mahindra 550 XD

Mahindra MM 550 XD is a defence vehicle operating on a 4 cylindered in-line diesel XD3P engine with a capacity of 2498cc and a compression ratio of 23 : 1.

The vehicle has a thermostat controlled cooling system and a synchromesh gearbox with four forward and one reverse gear.

Mahindra MM 550 XD has a recirculating ball type steering with a turning circle radius of 6.34 m.

The vehicle has a disc brake at front and a drum brake at the rear. The brakes are hydraulic with tandem master cylinder with vacuum assisted servo.

This model has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters.

Featured Components:

  • Speedometer (kms/hr)
  • Temperature and fuel gauges
  • Volt meter and Oil Pressure gauge
  • Light indicators for battery charging
  • High beam
  • Parking brake and turn signal light
  • Hazard warning switch





4 Stroke : 4 Cylinder, Inline


94 mm / 90 mm


2498 cc

Maximum Horse Power

76 @ 4500 RPM (DIN70020)

Maximum Torque

15.3 kgm @ 2000 RPM (DIN70020)

Fuel Injection System

Distributor Pump

Compression Ratio

23 : 1

Weight of engine (Dry)

200 kg

Cooling System

By Belt driven Pump or Cylinder head. Thermostat controlled

Clutch Type

Single Dry Plate,diaphragm. 235 mm

Transmission: Ratio

Type: 4 speed, 2nd, 3rd and 4th synchromesh,floor shift
1st gear 3.986 : 1
12nd gear 2.368 : 1
3rd gear 1.473 : 1
4th gear 1.000 : 1
Reverse 5.315 : 1

Transfer Case (for 4WD only)

Two Speed single shift lever provided on floor, Ratio : High 1:1, Low 2.46:1

Transfer Case (for 4WD only)

4WD : Full floating hypoid type. Ratio : 4.88 : 1 with free wheel hubs Capacity : 907 kg (For 2WD/4WD)

Rear Axle Capacity

Semi Floating Hypoid Type. Capacity : 1134 kgs. Ratio : 4.88 : 1: with limited slip differential


Recirculating Ball Type(optional). Ratio. 20 :1

Turning Circle radius

6.34 m


Service : Hydraulic with Tandem Master Cylinder with vacuum assisted servo. Front disc type Rear drum type(11'' * 12 '') HNSS Parking : Operates on rear service brakes Hand lever and cable type


Front & Rear : Semi-elliptical lsprints with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers

Wheels, Rims, Tyres

Rim size : 16 x 4.5'' Disc type . Tyres : 6.00 x 16.6 PR . Mud and Snow


Ladder type with steel channel side members, four intermediate cross-members

Electrical System

12 Volt battery / 70 Alternator 65 Amps


Speedometer (kms./ hr). Temperature and fuel gauges. volmeter and Oil pressure gauge. Light indicators for battery charging, oil pressure, high beam, parking brake & turn signal light. Hazard warning switch

Fuel Tank

Capacity : 45 litres,electrical fuel guage

Curb Weight

1425 kgs with Army fitment


1950 kg

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  1. Hi harjeev sir i want to buy a jeep but im confused with xd3p or di
    Can you explain me. And why the peoples give negative advice to xd3p.