Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures of the 4x4 Jeep

So in my first post I said that I bought my jeep on December 13th, 2008. I clearly remember the day as it was a Saturday and the 13th. These two thing are of significance as 13th is considered unlucky by some and also some people don't by metals on Saturdays.

But anyways I dint care as I was too eager to buy the 4x4.
Negotiated the price, and arranged the for the jeep to be towed to Greated Noida. It was to be towed to Greater Noida and Poddy had his workshop there.

Many people discouraged me not to send it to G.Noida saying that it was too far off and it not be easy to go there time and again. But anyways I had full faith in Parvinder(Poddy) and wanted to get it done under his
supervision only.

Here are some pictures of the jeep as and when I bought it. We liked this particular piece as the body was the perfect on this one would have involved the minimum of tinkering of metalwork.


After buying the jeep the next big step in front of me was getting it registered. All these army disposal vehicles cannot be registered in the major cities as being non Euro IV compliant. As they do not meet latest pollution standards. Therefore these have to be registered about 200 kms from NCR.
To make make matters worse I had heard many horror stories saying that registering them is next to impossible, all guys in Mayapuri give out fake registrations etc etc.
But at the same time I was also thinking that I wouldn't be the first guy in the whole of India to buy an Army Disposal and get it registered. So how difficult could it be????
Therefore a little prepared, I told the seller 'Beenu' who was a very helpful, always smiling and nice fellow about what I'd heard and that I will give him the minimum advance for the registration. And after the vehicle is regsitered, he will give me the photocopy of the registration book and I will personally take it to the registration authority, get it verified and only after that I give him the balance amount. He agreed!!!

So after this was sorted out I was ready to embark a big project.

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