Saturday, May 23, 2009

My 550 is 2 weeks old today ;-)

Hey guys
Update on the MM550

Today it has been 2 weeks since I got the 550 home so I thought that I might do a little writeup on the ownership experience so far
  • The vehicle has been behaving wonderfully, actually much better than my expectation.
  • There are no heating issues, that too when its more that 42-43 degrees celsius. Infact yesterday I drove t for about 50 kms or so in the heat and traffic and when I topped up the radiator today morning it was just half a liter of water or so.When driving on straight empty roads the temp stays at 80 degrees celsius and in traffic or when moving slowly it notches upto 90.
  • There were many small small issues, and i have got a large percentage of them resolved. so Ill just mention the ones that are pending
    • Clanking noise when the vehicle passes over potholes, and not only potholes but also when driving on a well paved road, the noise is very prominent
    • Oil pressure meter not working. The electrician says that the oil meter will have to be changed
  • Some modification/ additions/ cosmetics that I have planned are
    • The passenger side footrest does not seem right to me. But the denter says that its ok. So I will wait for an OTR to see what others have to say
    • I want to add a footrest below the rear tow hook (whether its advisable, as I will be doing this purely for cosmetics???)
    • Reverse light. Can this be added, I mean that as soon as I engage the reverse gear will the lamp switch on automatically or I will have to switch it on manually
    • Fog lamps between front bumper and the grille
    • The inside cabin light is of a very low power and want to increase the wattage
    • Cigarette lighter
    • DC-AC power inverter
    • A pair D-hooks (same as my 3B)
  • I have been driving the vehicle quite extensively, and have driven it for about 170-200kms or so. This is considering that I dont drive to my office and the heat wave in Delhi does not help you with your decision to drive the jeep these days.
  • The tyres have still not been delivered as yet and I am still waiting for the Apolo Bullets. Tomorrow I will be going to Noida and then will get the diesel toped up, so will get an estimate of the FE of the jeep.
So in a nutshell this is the experience so far.

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  1. Hi Harjeev,

    You look really happy with your XD, i'm interested in buying one as well, i was under the impression that you can available for the defence forces, do share how you went about it.
    Thanks and Happy trails
    cheers - Rohit