Monday, August 3, 2009

Ownership of the MM550 XD

Sent my driver yesterday(July 18th, 2009) to Mayapuri to resolve small small issues.

I have to rush now will do a writeup later

Added the D-Hooks in the front

Small Red Covers (topis in mayapuri language) affixed on the rear wheels

Another view

I had to change the air filter intake pipe as the earlier one was not right and its direction was downwards. So during the moonsoon OTR's it might have caused a problem had it taken in water

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I changed both the fan belts. One of the old one was completely worn out!!!

I have purchased a pair or fan belts and radiator hoses as spare!!!

I also changed the Clutch Wire and bought a set of Radiator hoses, fanbelts, tubes etc as preparations for the Corbett trip. Also I put a cap on the radiator which I dint do earlier as I was told that this should be left open untill I run the Ranger for 1k kms!!!

So these were the normal updates!!!

Tomorrow I will update the Corbett OTR report with loads of pictures!!!
Take care

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